Great communication is about being strategic: creating content that helps you meet your objectives and puts you in the driving seat. It also makes it easier to take advantage of ad hoc opportunities as they come your way.

Creating Content That Helps You Meet Your Objectives

I help my clients understand what they should be communicating so they don’t waste their time on purposeless noise. Planning your overall content calls for a strategic approach, stepping back and being a bit forensic: who you are, what you do and how. That way, all your content (words, images, video) works hard towards achieving your business objectives.

Be sure about one thing – if you want to compete, you need to get to grips with communicating regularly (though not necessarily frequently) and appropriately. It’s a rare business that can sit back and wait for customers to come knocking. There’s simply too much competition ready to turn their heads. Strategic content – the writing’s on that particular wall.

What Constitutes Good Content?

It’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with your customers; to reach out to them with messages that go beyond feature-led sales speak. Having a great product or service isn’t enough – you need to tell people that you exist and why they should take notice of you. Even word of mouth needs you to make sure your champions are saying the right thing. Be strategic. Plan.

Content that’s focused and relevant

This is purely about your audience and what resonates with them. What keywords do they use (when talking as well as Googling)? Write with them in mind – solve their problems, offer them something of value and make them feel good about themselves when they share it with their network.

Content with personality

Concentrate on getting your brand across – differentiate yourself from your competitors to help people choose you over others. Stand out in a competitive marketplace where similarity need not mean sameness.

Content that’s consistent and reliable

Tone of voice, creative approach, frequency of communication – they’re all key to helping people recognise your content. It doesn’t mean you’re boring; it means people know how to find and follow you.

Having content that helps you meet your objectives means there’s a purpose behind everything you write, show and say.



Creating Content That Helps You Meet Your Objectives




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