Whether you want copy for a website or a regular post on your blog, you definitely need copywriting that tells your brand story. I can help your copywriting connect with your customers online or in print.

Copywriting That Tells Your Brand Story

Copywriting that tells your brand story is how you compete for your customer’s attention. The sheer volume of information and chatter out there is a challenge for businesses. Then there’s the multitude of channels and media opportunities available to you. Assuming you’ve sorted your overall content strategy, it’s pretty key to write copy that engages and informs enough to prompt action – enquiring, buying, sharing…

Your words need a purpose: to educate, inform, alert. Your style should be consistent and recognisable so that it differentiates you. Copywriting that tells your brand story.

 Typically, these are the kind of writing projects I work on in digital and print formats.

Content for websites and microsites

Ideally, content and website structure should be created in tandem – that way you can be sure of a more fulfilling experience for your visitors. However, I’m equally happy to be brought in at a later stage to simply put the copy in place. Ultimately, my objective is to make it the next best thing to meeting you.

Influential blogs

After your website, your blog is the most influential. Working with my clients, I write blogs that are full of ideas, facts and views all wrapped in the personality of your brand.

Words and images for social media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – whichever combination is best for you, I can help you plan and write for each platform. Obviously, you want them to do their own thing but in harmony with your other activity, driving traffic to your website.

News for email campaigns and blogs

Email campaigns play an important part in reaching directly those people you really want to influence. They can be newsletters, updates, alerts, reminders or simply a means of reinforcing your blog posts – always remembering to respect these valuable in-box invitations.

Text for print

Brochures, leaflets, direct mail – all still very much in use (ask Royal Mail) – just calling for a different writing approach.

Copy for Ads

Ads can be an important part of your communication mix to help build brand or for other, more tactical reasons. Across digital, trade press, broadcast or ooh (out-of-home), it’s another style of writing to tune into – snappier and cheekier, maybe.

Presentations and scripts

Such as Keynote, PowerPoint presentations, and video, phone scripts – all part of your toolkit to help you communicate and present yourself accurately and consistently. And, significantly, with personal confidence.

The Good Writing Guide

It’s not all heady creativity; there’s a process to it, and for me, there are 5 parts to the art of good copywriting that tells your brand story:

  1. Using keywords/phrases so SEO works naturally all the time, whatever the channel.
  2. Turning key brand messages into compelling copy that encourages the right action.
  3. Angling stories to give you a great narrative, gathering together everything you should be talking about.
  4. Applying your core bank of content across all your channels and encouraging your customers to get in touch directly.
  5. Planning and scheduling your content to take advantage of current affairs and your industry happenings.




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Copywriting That Tells Your Brand Story




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