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My Client

Rajani & Co is a chartered accountancy firm with a small-medium sized client base located largely in the east midlands.

My Contribution

My main role is to manage Rajani & Co’s digital communication: content for the blog, social media platforms and email campaigns. I also help produce supporting materials for seminars – giveaways, banners, presentations, etc.

Everything revolves round producing the blog – expressing ideas and advice with the intention of adding value to the reader’s working life. We aim for 2-3 a month.

My client, Raj and I get together and plan stories in the calendar. It could be based on a hard news story (forthcoming legislation, a budget statement, etc) or perhaps it’s related specifically to Rajani’s clients: being prepared for a tax inspection, or using your accounts to help you run a franchise, or being liberated by cloud accounting. Sometimes it’s on the back of an event, such as a seminar or talk, giving us lots of opportunities to offer relevant content over a period of time to Rajani & Co’s network.

This is my favourite way of working – collaborative. Both of us adding ideas to the story bank and planning them in together. Just because Raj has hired someone to manage her firm’s content doesn’t mean she isn’t key to the strategy and process.

The Rajani Brand

Rajani & Co is more than a ‘compliance’ accountancy firm; their aim is to show their clients how their accounts are key to the success of their business. To parody the famous Christmas pet car sticker: ‘Your accounts are not just for the HMRC’. This is typical of the brand – positive, nurturing and resourceful. As a consequence, I came up with #LoveMyFinances which, beyond social media, demonstrates Rajani’s desire to encourage business owners to see their accounts as their means of achieving business success.

Online Activity

The overarching objective is taking it offline – having driven traffic to the website we then want every relationship to build into something of value to both parties. It all starts with the blog – supported by a campaign of emails to selected people on the database plus updates and posts on social media (eg LinkedIn and Twitter). We make sure that each channel (website, social media platform, email campaign) works hard to both convey the strength of the Rajani & Co brand as well as the needs and expectations of the target audience.



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