Brushstroke Make-Up School

My Client

Brushstroke is a make-up and hair school based within the Shepperton Studios complex. They train people aged 16 to 60 to become make-up artists working predominantly in film, TV, stage and fashion.

My Contribution

I started with the prospectus, moved onto blog writing, then website content, social media posting and email campaigns. Occasional articles, ads and leaflets come my way too. Oh, and I take a lot of the photographs too! To get all this right I’ve been helping Brushstroke at a more strategic level too.


It’s obvious what they do at Brushstroke – they train people to become make-up artists. But it’s the how and why they do what they do that defines their brand and helps differentiate them.

Having a deep understanding of the entertainment industry is an important part of what Brushstroke offers. They know the kind of training needed by the industry and what to expect from the ‘on set’ working environment. Such understanding and knowledge is as much a part of the training they offer as the skills and techniques required to achieve a ‘look’.

Having such a tangible and relevant brand is important to help create content that prompts action. Ultimately, my content has to help drive traffic towards Brushstroke so the brand is hugely important in helping me create content that engages with real people.

Brushstroke’s target audience is school leavers and career changers, together with their families, friends and colleagues who influence their decisions. Career choices are momentous and difficult to make so there’s a lot competing for their attention. The content I create is designed to engage these people in different ways and help them see Brushstroke as a credible training option towards an exciting career.

> From top l to r: Individual blog featuring a student’s bald cap training; mobile version of a careers page; results of a typical day’s photography at Brushstroke.



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