Langley Dental & Beauty Clinic

My Client

Gordon Pate, practising dentist and owner of Langley Dental & Beauty Clinic, near Slough.

The Work

I was commissioned to write the copy for Langley’s revamped Wordpress website, including the newly created beauty side of the business (tanning, hair reduction/waxing, etc). To a large degree, my recommendations regarding the content influenced the structure of the website. Competing with other cosmetic dental and beauty clinics nearby was a clear objective so the website had its work cut out.

My contribution

The website needed to satisfy visitors arriving from 2 different routes: those clicking through to landing pages from Google AdWords and traffic resulting from organic SEO-led searches.

I researched and sourced the content through a variety of routes – client briefing, regulatory bodies, approved branded suppliers.

Key messages revolve round reassurance and value for money with just the right level of detail to convey Langley’s cutting edge techniques, qualified people and welcoming environment.



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