John F Kettley

My Client

John Kettley is a personal business mentor, skilled at helping people understand what they really want to do with their working lives. And then giving them practical, rational help to go and do it.

My Contribution

I wrote the copy for John’s new website ( and, in so doing, helped to influence the visitor journey. John’s vision for his website is that it should be a focal point for his mentoring related interests, directing people down the route of most relevance and value to them. Great pleasure editing and writing for John as well as working on the structure with web designer and builder, Graham Childs.

The thing about mentors and coaches is that they tend to get lumped together – and suffer a bad press (the ‘snake oil’ syndrome as Graham puts it). John, however, is the real deal. Straight-talking and no-nonsense, he speaks from experience and has an authenticity that shines through. My overarching aim was to write reflecting John’s ‘voice’ so the website really is the next best thing to meeting him.



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